I'm so grateful for the opportunity to write for other blogs and online sites. Below is a list of posts I've written around the web if you want to check them out!

Christianity Today
How Churches Can Give Sanctuary and Still Support the Law
I Saw Jesus in Detention
My Marriage to an Undocumented Immigrant

InTouch Ministries
Across the Lines

The Church Must Stand Up for Immigrants and Refugees

Off the Page
Faith in Jesus Taught Me To Stand with the Vulnerable
I Married An Undocumented Immigrant
We Have a Problem


Church Leaders 

Coffee + Crumbs

Geez Magazine
Kindness Versus Quotas (print)

Shalom in the City

The Mudroom

Grace Table
Community Across Divides

Brain, Child Magazine

Texan In Tokyo

FCS Urban Ministries
And He Will Be Called Mighty God

Christian Community Development Association

Mission Year
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