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Fifty years ago, an interracial couple was sentenced to a year in prison for getting married. But Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, contested their punishment and fought for their marriage. They won in a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court that ended all race-based prohibitions on marriage.

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that history was only fifty years ago. And then this year I learned that until the 1940's I could've lost even my U.S. citizenship for marrying a man from another country.

So one reason I celebrate Loving Day on June 12 is to join in with a multiracial community that commemorates this important legal victory that has had significant impact on so many people in my life. I want to remember the couple that was behind this history date.

And we have come behind them, benefiting from their commitment to equality and their fight for our right to marry across racial and ethnic lines. So this year, my friends Cara and Michelle and I hosted #thankstoLoving on Instagram, inviting other interracial couples to share their stories. Here are a few favorites:


50 years ago today, the Lovings won interracial couples the right to marry. I wish I could say that when they won, racism vanished too...but that's just not the case. We've had racial slurs thrown at us when out in public. We've had people ask why we didn't just stay "inside our own race," and have even been told that "mixed bred" (animals are mixed breeds not humans) children shouldn't be brought into this world. I could go on and on because people can just be downright pathetic. But the people we've encountered who don't see color shine brighter than the dark hatred. Like the ones who have smiled and told us that our family is beautiful, and how blessed we are. We aren't perfect and I don't want to stand out, I just want us to be treated like everyone else. I wish I could thank the Lovings for being brave, for speaking up, and most of all for saying yes to love. And I know I can't control the way others feel and the things they say, but I can control my response and it will always be the same...love sees no color, & love will always win. #thankstoloving
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I hope you've enjoyed reading these stories as much as I have. And there's more on Instagram if you search #thankstoLoving! Also, Michelle wrote a terrific piece about how her interracial marriage has impacted her parenting.

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