Showing Up When It Hurts

When you’re three years old and King of the Tree House, there’s nothing better than slamming the trap door shut to keep out your big sister. I’m pretty sure that’s what my son Isaac was doing when his finger got in the way and he nearly took the tip clean off.

Over the next few hours, I learned a lot about motherhood. Things like, “Stop panicking. They are reacting to you. BE THE MOM HERE.” But I also learned valuable lessons about community and solidarity in the midst of pain.

SheLoves Magazine has been focused on the theme of solidarity this month, and they graciously allowed me to tell my story, even though it involves dangling finger tips. Okay, I left out the gruesome parts! But solidarity is such an important concept to me, and this experience allowed me to witness the impact others' acts of simple compassion on my own family. 

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