What I've Learned About Our Immigration System

Recent months have been discouraging in so many ways for immigrant families and immigrant advocates. But these days have also brought some unexpected surges of hope and joy.

One encouragement for me has been watching the Church come alive in support of immigrants. Of course, not everyone, but I've seen a new wave of compassion and a desire to learn more about what's going on for recent arrivals to our country.

D.L. Mayfield is a writer and fierce advocate of the poor and marginalized. Not too long ago, she did an interview here at A Life with Subtitles about her recent book, Assimilate or Go Home. It's a terrific read, and I recommend it for beautiful reflections on being a "missionary" and an inside look at life with refugee families.

For Lent, D.L. kicked off a blog series to learn more about illegal immigration in the United States. I was honored to be included, writing a guest post sharing five things I learned dating and marrying an undocumented immigrant. I'd love for you to visit her blog and check it out!

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