How My Faith Taught Me To Stand with the Vulnerable

It's been a weird season for me faith-wise. I was telling someone this week how strange it is for me that caring for immigrants is being seen as "controversial."

Christian writer Amy Peterson recently tweeted, "Last week I had a sentence cut from a piece because the sentence suggested that Christians ought to show hospitality to refugees." I must confess I am confused and utterly disheartened by these types of testimonies.

Because for me, my faith has always been at the root of standing with others in vulnerable situations. I was raised to believe that following Jesus meant "going against the flow," and very often, that means coming alongside those who are being ignored, persecuted, or abused.

Today at Off the Page, I am writing about the ways my faith has informed my actions and how I'm hoping to teach my children to stand with others as well. Click here to read the post!

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