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Have you ever won an argument on Facebook? I can't say that I have. Sometimes when I write about faith and social justice, especially immigration, someone - almost always a stranger - will hop over to my Facebook page and type to me in a condescending tone. (At least, that's how I read it!)

But my mind has never really been all that changed by comment threads. Now relationships, that's a different story. My life and my perspective has been profoundly impacted by front porch conversations and road trip shared experiences.

In a divisive time such as this, I believe friendships across divisions are more important than ever. But too often, messages of "stranger danger" have kept us sequestered in friendship groups that are familiar and homogeneous.

This month, I wrote an piece for InTouch Ministries about our friendship challenge in a globalizing world. You can visit their site to read it or start the except below:

The first house I remember living in as a child was next door to the church where my father was pastor. My baby sister wasn’t old enough to play yet, so I spent a lot of time outside alone. For a budding extrovert, this was torture.

That is, until I found a window.

It was a ground level peek into the church, where I discovered older women quilting during the day. Strangers to me, I could sit in the window sill and ask questions and share about the things they asked me. They laughed a lot, and I was thrilled to socialize.

Children often remind me of myself at a young age. Most notably, the two in my cart at the grocery store.

Read the full piece at InTouch Ministries.

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