The Top 10 Posts of 2016

I'm a big fan of year-end favorites lists. There's so much content on the internet, it's hard for any of us to keep up with every post, status update, or newsletter. So I love to see the highlights, and I hope you enjoy these favorite posts from A Life with Subtitles.

The 5 Most Read Posts from this year:

#1 - Do You Live In A Good Neighborhood?

When Donald Trump started talking about all the terrible neighborhoods in our cities, folks who read this article assured me he was not referring to my neighborhood. But that's because of how I describe where I live. I paint a fuller picture. If you just wanted to look at crime rates and graduation rates and property taxes (I pay about $30/year), you'd know my neighborhood is exactly the kind of community most people avoid. But I'd still call it a good neighborhood.

#2 - 5 Reasons You Should Never Listen To Hamilton

Well, we still are. No regrets!

#3 - Stop Licking the Fireball!

This piece is one that resonated with many readers during the election season, and has stayed on my heart and mind as I try to figure out how to stay informed, while also staying active and engaged in the issues that matter to me. I want to know what's going on in Aleppo and with immigrant and refugee communities in our country. But I also know I that some of the hate and vitriol online can paralyze my heart.

#4 - The Ups and Downs of Raising Bilingual Kids

This post almost summarizes every post I've ever written on raising bilingual kids. It amuses me that it mentions New Year's Resolutions as here we stand on the doorstep of another New Year. We've been up and down a bunch even since this post was written!

#5 - When My Kids Insist on Being Generous

We are approached regularly in parking lots by folks asking for money or assistance. There is always a guy or two waiting at our exit ramp holding signs. We have a fella who regularly knocks on our door and asks to rake our leaves. It is an ongoing conversation of how we raise our kids to love well in a hurting world.

The Post Loved Round the World:

#6 - 101 Spanish Shows on Netflix

Okay, I left off one of the real Top 5 from 2016. But that's because it's so closely related to this post, which gets waaaaaay more views every single month than anything else I've ever written in my whole entire life. That's because if you Google "Spanish Cartoons on Netflix" or "Spanish Shows on Netflix," you get me! So lots of folks find their way here for these lists. If that was or is you, nice to meet you!

A Few of My Personal Favorites:

#7 - My Marriage to an Undocumented Immigrant

The opportunity to write for Christianity Today was such a fun part of 2016. (Even if it did mean a lot of strangers decided to tell me how Christians shouldn't love people who broke the law.) I was honored that they allowed me to tell this story about immigration, as well as a piece on visiting immigrants in detention. (Something else Christians apparently aren't supposed to do? I think I'm reading the wrong Bible!)

#8 - 17 Faces Anyone Who's Tried to Learn Spanish Will Immediately Recognize

You know I love any opportunity to make a list of GIFs. Buzzfeed is my jam!

#9 - Why We Need Different Friends Now More Than Ever

If I ever wrote a piece I'd characterize as my mantra, this one is probably it. I think it may ring even more true in 2017.

#10 - My Life As A Copa Wife

This one was just fun to write. And I love all things World Cup Wives. If you love someone who loves soccer, you may just love the World Cup Wives, too!

These are some of the reader favorites and my favorites from this year. I hope you enjoy them, too! What was a favorite post you wrote or read online this year? I'd love to read it!

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