A Christmas with Subtitles

I love the holidays. Hype is my love language, and the month of December is like a sugar-rush on a roller coaster. Whoo hoo! Of course, it can also all be a little nauseating.

If you’re like us, you may be planning both a Noche Buena bash and trying to squeeze in a Christmas Eve service where your children can hold a burning candle high above their heads. Combining traditions across cultures is fun, but also busy.

Over my years of blogging, I’ve written a lot about navigating multicultural holidays and what this experience has taught me about family and faith. Different perspectives have a way of impacting our viewpoint.

So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite Christmas posts over the past few years. I hope you, too, can enjoy a Christmas with subtitles!

How Do You Celebrate Multicultural Holidays?
In this short video, we share how we’ve incorporated traditions from our different backgrounds. Spoiler alert: Billy mocks some of my “adaptations” of Guatemalan festivities. Also, I have no idea why we start out the video so sad, but then we talk about fireworks and everyone is happy.

How To Make Ponche
If you want to be a holiday rock star, boil brown sugar and water together and serve it as a beverage. People will fall at your feet. I seriously get so much affection for this Guatemalan holiday drink, so I’m sharing the easy-peasy recipe with you.

Croweded Christmas: A Nativity Different Than We Imagine?
This is one of my favorite Christmas posts of all time because considering cultural assumptions about this important story blew my mind. I’ve never thought of Christmas the same. This perspective was also the inspiration for my story-based Advent series.

Coming Home with Tamales in Tow
There’s really no such thing as “coming home” for the multicultural family. I feel most aware of this at Christmas. At the same time, this unique perspective helps me sense a special connection to the very baby we celebrate.

7 Bilingual Kid Movies on Netflix [Holiday Edition]
It’s great having the kids home for the holidays, but I’m not going to lie, that often means a little more screen time in our house. If you’re looking to flex their bilingual listening skills or are needing options for Spanish-speaking guests, here’s a quick go-to list!

I hope you are yours are enjoying the holiday season. And if you make that ponche, let me know how your people decided to honor your efforts!

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