Why Emily Gilmore & I Need Body Shipping Cash

Oh how I've loved the Gilmore Girls. Well, actually, I used to not like them at all. The first few times I saw that show I was like absolutely not. But then something clicked, and I fell in love.

So I was all up in that bandwagon for the reboot on Netflix this Thanksgiving. In fact, my mom and sister and I had the fun chance to binge watch and snack together while our our menfolk gifted us a day of childcare. And my girlfriend gave me this perfect shirt for the occasion.

Overall, I'm still not sure how I felt about revival of the double G. I hate to say I was disappointed, but maybe I was a little. I still loved Lorelai, and I am getting a kick out of reading Lauren Graham's memoir right now. But grown up Rory was not my fave, and Sookie was noticeably absent for me in certain places. Emily stole the show, I think, and her journey into widowhood was probably my favorite storyline.

One of my favorite exchanges between Emily and Lorelai involves Emily telling Lorelai she wants to go to Washington State to die because "they let you do that there." But, she tells Lorelai, she'll need to ship her body back to be buried. However, she's discovered that this practice is incredibly expensive. So, she announces, there is an envelope labeled "Body Shipping Cash" in the drawer for this purpose.

Is it weird to say that this conversation felt familiar? First, let me explain. I had a brief moment in time where I was kind of a "will-pusher." Basically, I was obsessed with getting everyone I knew to create their Last Will and Testament. 

People love being pressed on this issue, by the way. If you ever find yourself in a conversational lull, just ask if they've drawn up a will!

I also began pressuring Billy to share with me his final wishes. To say he hated me peppering him with these questions would be an understatement. But I felt like I should know. Then he announced he expected be buried in Guatemala... near his family. Oh.

Hmmm... so are we going to be buried together? And if so... in what country? The thought that I might spend the afterlife in Central America had never occurred to me. At the same time, it seems only fair if we live our lives here in the States.

Conversations of this somber nature can quickly turn silly. And soon Billy was instructing me to cremate him and sprinkle his ashes over Israel. Oh for the love. I actually do not have an envelope of body shipping cash laying around. 

For those of us with our hearts in many places, the question of home may follow us until even our final moments. It's something I had never really considered before.  

Living across cultures, making different choices than where we came from. These small decisions throughout our days add up to a life that constantly looks a little different and doesn't easily fit into any box. (Even a coffin.) 

Of course, conversations about our final days make all of us a little squirmy. I am in that same camp. I don't relish talking about wills and burials and all that jazz. That's why I like to hash it all out in one outlandish exchange that involves a lot of exaggerated humor. Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for always showing us how that's done! 

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