17 Faces Anyone Who’s Tried To Learn Spanish Will Immediately Recognize

There's nothing quite so daunting or exhilarating than trying to learn a second language. You're never quite sure what you're saying. You could be on the mark or incredibly offensive. Of course, even if someone tries to let you know, you may not understand them!

I have put together some of my favorite GIFs detailing the emotional rollercoaster of speaking Spanish. It includes gems like this:

I'm also excited because I decided to publish my post on Buzzfeed, the mother ship for GIF-related posts. The way Buzzfeed works is you can post "community posts" and if they get enough traction, Buzzfeed will decide to feature it. 

So I'd love for you to check out the post on Buzzfeed and if you like it, please share it! Thanks so much!

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