101 Spanish Shows on Netflix

Whether you're trying to learn Spanish or living in a bilingual household, watching TV in Spanish can be a big language boost. It can help you learn to listen to Spanish at a real-life, everyday pace and introduce you to new vocabulary and slang.

We are raising bilingual(-ish) kids, and that's what got me first looking into Spanish cartoons on Netflix. It turned out to be a bit more tricky than I anticipated to locate which shows had Spanish audio available.

Then, my mother-in-law came to visit from Guatemala, and she, too, wanted to watch shows in Spanish. But she wasn't as interested in my list of cartoons. Finally, I thought, "This is a ridiculous. I need a big, bad list of all the shows in Spanish on Netflix!"

So I made one.

Well, maybe not all the shows. I stopped at 101. But I searched for a broad cross-spectrum of programs and movies across all ages and ratings. I wanted to always be able to find something, whether the kids were watching cartoons or we were having a family movie night with my mother-in-law.

And because it is my lifelong mission to help people watch more TV, I wanted to share this list with you!

I'm delighted to present 101 Spanish Shows on Netflix, which is now available for immediate download. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive list of programs in Spanish for every age and taste.

Genres include:

>>> Cartoons
>>> Family sitcoms
>>> Romance movies
>>> Dramas
>>> Action movies
>>> Kids' programs
>>> and more!

I added instructions to help find and switch your audio settings. And, I shared a few tips I've learned during my quest that can help you find more shows in Spanish going forward. (I've almost gotten to where I can guess if a show will have Spanish audio before I look. Should I add this to my résumé??)

So without further ado, here is 101 Spanish Shows on Netflix! Happy Spanish Netflix binging!

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