My Life As A Copa Wife

Ok, so I'm still rocking the #WorldCupWives hashtag on the socials, but I will state for the record I am fully aware this is not a World Cup summer. It's Copa America. So now I am a Copa Wife. It involves a lot of the same activities.

But this cool thing about this year's Copa is that the U.S. is the host country. I should have known what that would mean for me. Of course. Nearly nine years of marriage. I should have known!

So yes. We drove 24 hours to be in Chicago for approximately 27 hours. But we got to see Messi score three goals in about 30 minutes, which I gotta say was pretty cool. The whole Copa experience was fantastic. Here's a quick rundown of my life as a Copa Wife.

  • Billy told me the game started at 8:30 pm. Naturally, we would need to leave my parent's house in Kentucky (about a 6 hour drive) at 6 am sharp. 

  • I hollered at a stranger in an Argentina jersey at a rest stop in Indiana. It's possible he didn't speak English. It's also possible he picked up that jersey at a thrift store and has no idea who Messi is. Basically, he looked at me and responded not at all. Billy pretended to be mortified. I'm like, "Well, this is what I'm here for!"

  • Arriving in Chicago about 8 hours before kick-off, we went ahead and suited up in our matching jerseys and parked at the stadium. Because preparedness. 

  • Leaving the parking garage, we heard them testing the sound system by playing the teams' national anthems. Billy was certain the game was starting hours ahead of schedule. Insert moment of panic and frantic phone Googling. Insert me speaking in a soothing voice and refusing to return to the stadium.

  • We walked all around the city, giving "insider" head nods and occasional fist pumps to others in Argentina jerseys. Nine year old boys shouted "Agüero" at me on the street. I got defensive. Then I remembered that was the name on my jersey. 

  • A woman stopped us and asked, "_____ do these guys play?" Billy answered, "Tonight." I answered, "Soccer." She proceeded with fifteen more questions while her husband pretended not to be with her. We witnessed our own future as a couple.

  • By 7:45 pm, we were sitting in our seats in the stadium. (You can watch our Periscope here.) Billy informed me he'd be wearing his headphones during the game to listen to the Univision announcers. I asked myself existential questions about my place in the world. 

  • The stadium was packed. For security measures, everyone carried in their belongings in a clear plastic bag. A man passed us with his bag filled with shredded newspaper. Man, how I hoped he was going to do a live papier-mâché project during the game. 

  • Messi - Argentina's star player - didn't play in the first half, nor start the second. Every time the camera panned to him, the stadium chanted his name. I found myself thinking, "Who knew he had so many tattoos?" Oh how I missed the World Cup Wives!

  • Messi entered around the 60 minute mark and promptly scored 3 goals. It was amazing.

  • Argentina won the game! Shredded newspaper started falling from the sky. 

Do I acknowledge that my rundown includes only a couple lines about the actual game? Yes. Yes, I do. But it was a super fun experience, and a great time to share with the hubs. 

To top it off, on our drive home, my World Cup Wives co-host Katie called me to say, "I'm watching you on national TV." Yeah, I'm gonna need more information. 

Turns out Fox Sports 1 had snagged our Instagram video and added it to a highlight compilation of the Argentina game. This is my life as a Copa Wife.

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