The Best 5 Moments in the 'Jane the Virgin' Finale

Because we have to talk about this, folks! The Season 2 'Jane the Virgin' Finale was so good. So sweet. So shocking. So fun. I just can't keep in my excitement. But I'm going to go ahead and tell you now that this post has a lot of spoilers. So if you haven't watched it yet, go do that, and come back here to debrief!

First of all, I felt like the universe didn't want me to watch this show. We've been having wild internet issues, which - when you work from home during very narrow childcare hours - quickly becomes a crisis. I have cried more than I care to admit when my perfectly laid plans have been derailed by the fickle magic of wifi. (Oh dear. I think I just realized where my daughter gets her flair for the dramatic when things don't go her way.)

But once everything got working, I settled in for the Season 2 finale of JTV. I'd already received texts and tweets about it, so I knew I was in for a treat. True confession: I've waned a little bit this season. I can't tell you exactly why. Maybe because RAFAEL WASN'T IN THE PICTURE AS MUCH? Yeah, that's probably one reason. But even if I've been a touch less engaged, I've still been a huge fan of Jane (Gina Rodriguez) the whole season through.

So here we go! My favorite 5 moments in the 'Jane the Virgin' finale.

#1 - The First Steps

First of all, how hilarious is it that Rogelio keeps calling him Matelio? And then Jane sends Rafael an urgent text to come over when he's surprised by Mateo's first steps. As one who was driving out of town for my nephew's birth when my daughter started walking, I can so appreciate the kindness of the present parent sharing the delight of that milestone!

#2 - The Promises

We're jumping ahead here, but I can't wait. When Michael nodded to Abuela, I was confused and ready for something dramatic. Hey, it's a telanovela - anything can happen! But when he started reciting his vows to Jane in Spanish, I burst into tears. It was the sweetest, most precious and unexpected moment. I've been staunch #TeamRafael since the beginning, but that was truly special.

#3 - The Moves

Unlike the vows, I saw this one coming a mile away. But that didn't make me enjoy Jane and Rogelio's Father-Daughter dance any less. You know Rogelio had been practicing that 'round the clock getting ready for his big day! I love their growing bond and the dance was just perfect for their relationship and this wedding.

#4 - The Sisters

Okay, we knew Anezka was up some something shifty after her jail visit to her and Petra's mother. But her grand switch literally had me clutching my heart and gasping out loud. I have grown in affection towards Petra after 44 episodes, so I am rooting for a big comeback from her next season!

#5 - The Cliffhangers

I gasped a lot. I had been waiting for drama at the wedding, but it was relatively uneventful. But as the show neared it's end, things started cracking all over the place! Xiomara pregnant? Michael shot? Rose is back? Thank goodness the show has been renewed for a third season because some questions need to be answered!

My only complaint about the finale (besides the fact that she didn't run away with Rafael) was that I would have like more form Jane's friends at the wedding. But that's probably because I'm reading Diane Guerrero's memoir right now, so when she blipped by on the screen, I wanted to see her more!

It was truly a terrific telanovela finale. I laughed. I cried. I gasped. Who could ask for anything more? The cast of Jane the Virgin continues to dazzle, and I just love the creativity and spunk of this unique show.

Did you watch it? What was your favorite finale moment?

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