Do We Idolize the Brokenness?

One of my favorite quotes is from Father Greg Boyle. He says, "I want to be prophetic and take stands and stand with those on the margins and I want to laugh as much as I can."

During my years in urban ministry, I have often noticed how serious life can be. And it makes sense. When you're confronted with the painful realities of neighbors' lives and the day-to-day effects of structural injustice, it can feel crushing.

Many rest in the fact that this compassionate suffering is perhaps part of the calling to living among the poor. At least, I do sometimes. In fact, I knew when I signed up for life in the margins that it wouldn't always be easy.

Today I'm writing at The Mudroom on the topic of resurrection and restoration. Because as I've witnessed signs of renewal in my urban community, I find I don't always know how to understand my own place in this revitalization. It turns out I expected things to be difficult but feel a little off-balance in the presence of so much goodness. I'm forced to ask the question, "Do we idolize the brokenness?"

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