7 GIFs For Raising Bilingual Kids

Raising bilingual kids is fun, and it's a lot of work. And sometimes it feels like it falls by the wayside amidst all the other things we're hoping to teach our children. (Like "don't put toothpaste in your hair" and "sometimes when we wear a sequined top it's okay to wear shorts that aren't so loud.")

But if there's one thing I've learned in our 5 years and counting experiment of language learning, it's that consistency is key. And we are consistently recommitting and restarting our efforts to raise bilingual kids. Here's some GIF fun for all those parents hoping to do the same!

#1. When they refuse to speak in the second language.

#2. When they totally mess up, but you know you shouldn't laugh because at least they're trying.

#3. And when you just can't help it.

#4. When someone speaks to your kids in their second language, and they be looking like: 

#5. When they unexpectedly start speaking in the second language without prompting. 

#6. When you realize your kid might be more bilingual than you.

#7. When you stand in awe of their little brains. 

Which one is most familiar to you? What did I miss?

Thanks to Giphy for making all my gif dreams come true!

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