The Double Click: Mister Rogers, I Love Lucy, and Refugees

Sometimes time zones, laundry, and the algorithms of social media mean we miss each other online. So I'm sharing my recent, favorite links for you to read when you get a chance. Here's some fun articles (and videos) to make you laugh and to make you think.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Moved Into My Neighbourhood || SheLoves Magazine

I was fretful and anxious, but now I’m in love. The context for my emotional bi-polarity has been the Syrian refugee crisis. In my anxious phase I posted a great number of guilt-inducing refugee photos on Facebook. I sent money overseas to worthy causes. I applauded the heroic efforts of volunteers and the inhabitants of Lebos. But most days I wrung my hands and felt ineffectual and therefore sad and worried. But then the Halabi* family arrived.

I moved to Africa with two-and-a-half year old twins. One of the first things people ask me about that year is how I learned language, because I did. And I don’t feel like I abandoned my kids or neglected my husband in order to do it.

At the time, François was a graduate student working on getting his singing career going and was reluctant to accept Fred’s offer. But after realizing he would get paid to appear on the show—enabling him to afford his rent—François accepted, becoming the first African American actor to have a recurring role on a children’s television series.

Video Clip: Can Children Represent Themselves in Immigration Court? || ACLU
What have been some of your favorite reads (or watches) online recently?

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