Are Your Traditions Right Or Silly?

Tonight Billy and I were recording our second in a series of interviews for a Spanish radio program. The topic was extended relatives and traditions in a bicultural family. Billy is like super impressive at being interviewed and saying profound things on the spot. So I thought I would share something that struck me in our conversation tonight.

We come from families with different traditions. I grew up picking strawberries, celebrating Thanksgiving, and hosting a "Dancing with Sarah" show for my family after dinner each night. (Okay, that last one is more family specific than cultural.)

Billy has memories of eating tamales on Noche Buena, lighting fireworks for any and every birthday, and hiking volcanoes with friends. Our childhoods, traditions, and families were impacted by the cultures in which they were formed.

But he made the comment that in a mixed marriage, there really isn't much room for debates about which traditions are "right" or "better" or "silly." Where will that really get you in the end anyway? The reality is that the rituals we established with our family of origin are meaningful to us. And that's important.

The beauty of all marriages and families is getting to build that new culture in which your family will grow together. In a cross-cultural marriage like ours, we get to draw "the best from both worlds" as we create a unique space for our family.

I love getting to hear Billy's perspective on these topics as we've been talking with this radio host. If you want to hear the full interview, it will air live this Saturday, March 12 at 3pm EST. You can listen live online here.

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