A Few Of My Favorite Things {March 2016}

After two months of nonstop sickness, I feel like 2016 finally began in March! Spring came early and bronchitis finally said good-bye. Hip hip hooray!

Consequently, one of my March highlights was being able to exercise again. My basketball league geared up, and I'm proud to say my air ball skills are still intact. Also, my Nike app says I ran over 13 miles in March, which I realize is not a lot for "real runners." But I am not a real runner, just thrilled to be moving again!

Here's a few more favorites from March:

Must-See Documentary

I can't say enough good things about Poverty, Inc. We hosted a viewing at our church in March, and it sparked such good discussion. Thoughts about how charity - with the best of intentions - is experienced around the world. And some examples of ways people are doing it differently. Below is the trailer, if you haven't seen it. You can see the film thanks to Amazon.

All The Books

Something terribly awesome happened to me. I found my library card. And I finally learned how to use the online system. Which means I can order any book I want from any library in Atlanta and have it shipped to my nearest branch. This skill has proven to be extremely dangerous.

In March I read Big Little Lies, which was suspenseful and engaging. There are some difficult parts to read regarding abuse, but it was a page-turner. I'm most excited about this memoir I stumbled upon called Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders

Author Chris Hoke is a fellow Mission Year alum (a year-long urban service program I participated in and later worked for), which was a fun and surprising discovery. He is also a prison chaplain and works with many Latino gang members and undocumented migrant workers in the Northwest. I am just getting started, but already enjoying this one so much.

Favorite Instagram

Getting our dental hygiene on!

Favorite Movie Night

Well, in reality, I this is also my "only movie night" for March, but it was fun to get out to the theater and see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

I adored the first movie from 2002, which I now realize was a cross-cultural marriage that cracked me up years before I ever met Billy. And Guatemalans even get an awkward shout out when Ian's parents confuse Greek and Guatemalan!

My take on this sequel is that the story is not as strong, but it is quite funny. I felt like they took some of the comic gems from the first one and pushed them really hard this second time around. (Think lots of Aunt Voula medical conditions.) But it was funny and that's what we were going for! A good girl's night out!

Favorite Posts

I've started sharing my favorite links around the web in a round ups. If you're looking for some good reads, check them out here, here, and here. These are some posts reads have liked recently at A Life with Subtitles:

Top Superlatives for Language Translators - Translating is no joke. I'm so grateful for those who've helped me navigate Spanish-language situations. But these experiences have not be without the resourceful, the adaptable, and the awkward!

[VIDEO] Words We Can't Say In A Bilingual Marriage - Learning each other's languages can be tricky. And some words just never make the cut. This had to be a video to really get the full effect.

Surprised By International Love - This guest post from Sarah at My Gringa Life is a fun story of how she met her Mexican husband Karlos. (Hint: It involves matching t-shirts!)

Thanks to Leigh Kramer who hosts this monthly link-up. What have some of your favorite things been lately?

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