Raising A Multicultural 4-Year-Old

I've been known to be awkward about kissing. I have literally written a guide to the bizarre kissing experiences I've had. And yet our family is often in situations where kissing is expected.

I'm happy to report that Gabriella has adopted her father's flawless ability to greet and say good-bye with a kiss, and she's acquired my ability to make people uncomfortable. What a gift! 

Today, I'm writing at Brain, Child about her kissing and the journey we're on to raise multicultural kids. Here's a sneak peak:

“Mom, we do not kiss kids at school.” My four-year-old stared up at me as I covered her with a blanket.

Oh good. The before bedtime conversation every mother wants to have. Of course I’m the mom of the classroom kisser.

“Um… were you kissing kids at school?” Please say no. Please say no.

“Yes.” There it is!

My daughter went on to explain how she was playing with a friend when his dad came to pick him up from preschool. So she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye.

“Ms. Terri was laughing and laughing,” my little girl said. “And then she told me, ‘We do not kiss kids at school.'”

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