#WorldCupWives Needs You!

What?!? It's 2016. The next World Cup is over two years away! Why on earth is that adorable dog wearing Brazilian sunglasses and holding a soccer ball?

Well friends, I have some very exciting news. The World Cup Wives are hiring!

Okay, the word "hiring" might be a bit misleading, but hear me out. We need you!

First of all, who are the World Cup Wives?

Our names are Katie and Sarah (me who's writing this now). We are not the wives of World Cup players, announcers, or mascots. But we are the wives of soccer junkies. And while we are fine by soccer, but we cannot always keep pace with volume we are expected to consume.

So we chat.

And that's basically how World Cup Wives was born. We turned on the camera phone and started discussing the part of the game we found fascinating that our husbands weren't so interested in discussing. For example: Why do some players wear mismatched shoes? What do the wives or girlfriends say to their players after a crushing loss? WHY ON EARTH IS ONE MAN BITING EVERYONE?

For the World Cup in 2014, we had so. much. fun. Women around the world joined us on social media with the hashtag #WorldCupWives, sharing their parties, patriotic outfits, and how they were celebrating the games where they lived. Interestingly, this project kept us engaged and actually helped us enjoy the games with our husbands more.

But that's old news.

#WorldCupWives #RoadtoRussia      

Our World Cup Wives run in 2014 was awesome. And as we look ahead to the next tournament, two thoughts stick out. #1 - We want to grow this community to be bigger and badder and so much more fun. And #2 - How wild would it be to go to Russia?!

So we started thinking about how to accomplish these goals, and three thoughts came to mind. #1 - We'll need to reach out and grow our community before the games actually begin. (Or as my husband keeps reminding me... THE QUALIFIERS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN!) #2 - We can't do this alone. And #3 - We may need to sell some questionably-necessary organs to afford a trip to Russia.

I'm making headway on #1 by writing this post two years out. And now comes #2: Asking for help.

We'd love to have some others join the World Cup Wives team.

Here's What We're Looking For

#WorldCupWives Insider - We need a researcher who has equal parts love for the game of soccer and pop culture. Who is already out there reading everything there is to read on the games, the players, the venue, yada, yada. This person will help us plan content and stay up-to-date on which games are can't miss underdog sensations, which players recently had babies, and which teams choreograph the best celebration dances.

#WorldCupWives Party Maker - Let's be honest. A big part of soccer is eating. For those of us watching the games in our living rooms, we may care a bit less about "off-sides" and bit more about "how did you make this guac?" This person will likely manage some Pinterest boards, perhaps contribute some recipes or party planning ideas to the blog. We're open and flexible. Feel free to bring your own ideas!

#WorldCupWives Name Your Title - Do you have an idea? Is there something you'd like to contribute to the World Cup Wives team? Maybe you want to help with marketing or sponsorships or caricatures. Maybe you want to send us large sums of money. Share your ideas! Our attitude is pretty much "the more the merrier"!


You do not have to be a wife (or even a woman) to get involved. We're just looking for a love of hype and a commitment to the project. You can live anywhere - we'll hit you up online. And you have to accept our payment of virtual high fives and shout outs on Twitter. This gig is currently money-free all around!

So that's what we got! We're excited about continuing the World Cup Wives. And now we're off to address idea #3. Maybe pinkie toes are big sellers underground? We'll keep you posted!

Interested? Contact me and we'll talk.

Are you not a part of the World Cup Wives Community? Click here and sign up!

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