[VIDEO] How Do You Communicate Your Modern Romance?

I spent a lot of time driving during the holiday season, so it was the perfect time for... audio books! I downloaded Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance and listened to most of it in a day. So good.

It starts out with Ansari describing an experience of asking a friend out on a date via text message. He sees the dots that indicate she is writing back, but he doesn't hear from her. He tells a funny, relateable story of his emotional spiral as post-text time passes. 

This drama launches him on a global quest to better understand dating and romance in the modern world. Technology is, of course, a huge player. His findings will have you nodding your head and laughing. But I also found that some of the disconnection (and frankly, dehumanization) happening in our "phone world" (as he calls it) to be more than a little sad. 

It's an interesting read. And it got me thinking about how Billy and I communicated when we were dating. Technology was a player for us as well. Though by technology, I'm also including "talking on the phone" because... we're old. Check out the video below for the inside scoop!

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