My Intercultural Love: Interview on Madh Mama

One phenomenon that Billy and I have consistently marveled over during our years of marriage is the connection we feel to other cross-cultural couples. Regardless of their specific cultural mash-ups, we find there's almost an instant high-fiving when we meet other couples working out marriage mixes.

And it's so fun! After all, we both love other cultures, so we enjoy connecting with new people. And one of the ways I do that is via the Internet.

I recently met Alexandra Madhaven. She is Canadian and met her Indian husband in Savannah, Georgia, so we were practically neighbors for a spell. She writes at Madh Mama and asked me to participate in an interview series she hosts for intercultural couples.

She asks questions like, "What are your dreams for your future together as a married couple?" You can read my insightful response: Oh, I imagine us growing old together and laughing at our own private jokes at the retirement village.

To learn more about my underground DJ career, our intercultural island, and that one time I told my MIL I wished someone was dead, CLICK OVER TO READ TO THE WHOLE INTERVIEW.    

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