How Do You Celebrate Multicultural Holidays? [VIDEO]

Holidays are filled with expectations. Whether good or bad (think Chandler hating on Thanksgiving), most of us have some ideas about how the holidays should go.

When you're in a cross-cultural marriage or multicultural family, you may have an added layer of expectations. Culture influences the foods we eat, the traditions we include, and even the people around us during the festivities.

Billy and I are coming to you via video today, talking about our family holidays. You'll hear some gems like:

*** Billy's first Noche Buena as an immigrant to the U.S.

*** That one time I almost injured an unsuspecting child.

*** And some ways we incorporate both cultures with our kids. (Spoiler alert: Billy isn't thrilled about some of my "adaptations" of Guatemalan festivities.)

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How does your family celebrate multicultural holidays?

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