5 Gifts for World Travelers

Who on your list has wanderlust? Our family loves to travel. My daughter's first year, she visited at least five states and three countries! So we have learned a lot about flying with babies.

But whether the persons on your list are family jetsetters or solo travelers, we've got gift ideas for them! Check out five here:

#1 - Passport Cover

Help your world traveler keep their head on straight with this beautiful, leather passport cover. There's a color for everyone! This is surely a step up from shoving your passport in your back pocket. (Guilty!)

#2 - Wanderlust Print

This Etsy print hangs in our living room, and we get compliments on it all the time. It's a twist on a more traditional world map with a modern design and shout out to our friend Wanderlust. Etsy, of course, has a million lovely options. This is one of our favorites!

#3 - Globe & Maps

You can never go wrong with globes and maps for your world traveler. It's like a "Bucket List in a box" to spin a globe and run your finger along the places you hope to someday visit. A search on Amazon or Etsy can also help you find stunning, unique maps of places your traveler already loves.

#4 - Kids Suitcase

If the world traveler on your list is young, this riding suitcase may be a perfect gift! Help little ones catch their connected flight or zip through the train station when they can jump on their luggage and ride through the terminal.

#5 - Airplane Tickets

This is the Big Daddy gift for world travelers. I didn't even know you could buy gift certificates for airlines! But you can. And those people on your list who are carrying the travel bug will flip when they find one of these gift cards in their stocking!

These are five favorite gifts for world travelers. For more ideas (more than 95, in fact), download my Global Gift Guide for the holiday season. It's packed full of our favorites, as well as reader recommendations. From infants to adults, there's a little something for everyone! Download your free copy below.

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