When He Is Away On Our Anniversary

Today is my anniversary. Eight years Billy and I have been figuring out how to be a family together, and I can't decide if that feels like a long time or the blink of an eye.

Billy is out of town again this year - as he has been for the last three anniversaries - due to an annual work trip. That's cool with me. And he took Gabriella with him, so maybe time at home alone with just the two year old is the best gift a mom can get!

But having a day to reflect on your marriage when your husband has been gone for a week reminds me of the things I miss when he's away. So here's a few things that have come up while it's just me and the little guy.

Who goes into that creepy crawl space?

Isaac started climbing out of his crib a couple weeks ago. You can imagine my excitement [insert sarcasm]. But for his safety, I figured it's time to move to a toddler bed. Only I have no idea where it is.When I asked Billy, I heard the fated words: "crawl space." Well, I immediately tossed that plan.

I've heard there is a storage area underneath our house. In the six years we've lived here, I have actually never been inside, nor do I know where "we" store the key. Thankfully, I had stashed the toddler mattress inside the house, so Isaac now sleeps on a mattress on the floor. Perfect.

Who will listen to my random musings?

Billy doesn't have consistent internet while he's away, so I've been making lists of things to ask him or tell him when we do get a chance to chat. He encouraged me to go ahead and vox whenever I need something because he can catch up later when he has access.

I think he now regrets telling me that.

Now, whenever I have a thought or a question, I just vox away! Some things, of course, I actually need to tell him. But I'm also just used to having him to talk to. It's weird and lonely without him here to ask important questions like "Have you seen Isaac's drum anywhere? Because our entire Halloween costume was built around that drum and now it is missing in action!"

Who will decide if our kids are sick?

I have never been able to operate a thermometer. Even for myself. They always mysteriously break, and I have decided I have a chemical force field inside that destroys them.

Add to that all the convoluted ways you are supposed to take a child's temperature... I cannot master the forehead swipe or that crazy ear thing. And then I break the thermometer. So temperatures are Billy's department.

I was reminded of this as I tried to get Isaac to hold it under his tongue this week when his head scorched me at night. When the reading came back at 103, I freaked out. Which is also usually Billy's role. He always first thinks the temperatures are in Celsius. So he screams, then does some quick mental math, then asks me if we should be concerned.

Who will make me laugh with cultural ridiculousness?

This is a screen shot of our anniversary morning conversation. First, Billy said how glad he was to have been married to me for 8 years. Then, I said "ditto." And it basically sums up our crazy, bilingual marriage. I miss these moments when he's gone.

What do you miss about your spouse when they are gone? 

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