The Double Click || Nov 14, 2015

Sometimes time zones, laundry, and the algorithms of Facebook mean we miss each other online. So I'm sharing my recent, favorite links for you to read when you get a chance.

Here's some fun articles to make you laugh and make you think. This week, we're talking Dia de los Muertos, most awkward moments (hysterical - I mean, you will have to take a break while reading), adult friendships in today's modern world, soccer balls that light up your house, and modern day questionable ironies.

Dia De Los Muertos: What Guatemala Has Taught Me About Death and Grieving || Simply Complicated

"There is such beauty in remembering because it gives permission to grieve. For some, grief is a very private thing, but in Guatemala, grief is something that is shared. There is often something powerful about making it public, about letting others share in your pain and in your memories.

How Our Housing Choices Make Adult Friendships More Difficult || Vox 

"Point being, each of us living in our own separate nuclear-family castles, with our own little faux-estate lawns, getting in a car to go anywhere, never seeing friends unless we make an effort to schedule it - there's nothing fated or inevitable about it."

And then that one time on twitter we all just became human and I laughed until I gave myself a headache || The Bloggess

"Someone had the wrong number and dialed me on accident. I asked if I could take a message..."

"A friend thanked me for coming to their husband's funeral. My reply? 'Anytime.'"

"My mom once told someone who'd asked her if she could borrow a magazine 'Sure. Go to hell'... 'go ahead' + 'help yourself'"

"Went out to eat and the greeter said would you like to eat inside or outside. My wife's response? 'Eat.'"

Soccket Video || Fast Company

"Soccket is a soccer ball that, when kicked around, stores energy that can power small appliances in underdeveloped villages."

Alanis Morissette has updated her hit 'Ironic' for this horrible modern age || some entertainment

"So many websites and apps got name-dropped in that. Netflix, Amazon, Snapchat, Uber. Remember simpler times, when dying in a plane crash on your very first flight was all you had to do to be totally full of irony?"

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