My Thanksgiving Epiphany

We have always been terrible at planning for the holidays. For whatever reason, our fall calendar each year tends to have a few trips scheduled. This timing leaves us feeling a little like homebodies by the holidays.

Sometimes our lack of plans means we do practically nothing, especially on Thanksgiving. In fact, we've had a few Thanksgivings where our plans were minimal at best. And then the day comes, and I feel sad.

Because I grew up with Thanksgiving song books and pumpkin pie and often, skits. Because no family gathering is complete without performances, right? RIGHT? Are you telling me Billy is correct and that all families don't do this???

But here we are. Approaching our 9th holiday season together. And I've had an epiphany about Thanksgiving.

Here it is. You're going to be shocked.

Billy did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving.

I know. It's mind-boggling. Turns out the whole pilgrims, Mayflower, New England celebration is not very big outside the U.S. But it seriously has taken me nine years to realize that this is why he rarely feels like we need plans. This is why he thinks staying at home alone and chilling is acceptable.

This year, I straight up told him: "Thanksgiving is a thing."

I realize this all may sound ridiculous, but it really has changed my outlook on the whole season. I finally recognized that he does not associate warmth and tradition and delicious food with the fourth Thursday in November the way I do. So if it's important to me, I will need to take the lead on how we will celebrate.

That doesn't actually mean we've done any better this year about making plans, but I've seriously been thinking about it. Ha! Because Thanksgiving is a thing, ya'll!

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