5 (More) Spanish Cartoons on Netflix

5 Spanish Cartoons on Netflix from A Life with Subtitles

It's Thanksgiving week. Here, that means no school for the entire week. (Wha??? I do not remember that happening when I was a kid.)

And no school often means more TV. For us, I mean. I'm sure that's not the case everywhere. I mean, I want to be a Pinteresting mom, but I'm often more of a frozen-pizza-and-Netflix kind of mom.

But hey, TV can be educational, right? And for those of us raising bilingual kids, it's the perfect opportunity to up that second language exposure.

Netflix doesn't make it easy to find its Spanish-language shows, though I am learning some tricks. Disney programs (not Disney Jr.) and Netflix Originals are more likely to be multi-language than others. Sadly, I have yet to find a PBS show in Spanish.

But I've compiled several lists of Netflix options, and here are five cartoons to check out:

#1 - Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures

My daughter is big into this one right now. Interestingly, plain 'ole Strawberry Shortcake (also on Netflix) is English-only, so you have to go with the Berry Bitty Adventures version. 

#2 - Masha and the Bear

Truth be told, this series doesn't have much dialogue at all. But for some reason, my kids (4 and 2) LOVE it. It's available in English, Spanish, Russian, and French, so it's a multilingual dream come true!

#3 - Inspector Gadget

I loved Inspector Gadget as a kid, so I was excited to see this Netflix Original cartoon pop up. It's a touch old for my kiddos, but I'm sure we'll watch it more in the future as it's geared towards the 5-7 age category.  

#4 - Justin Time

This is new one for us. I'm always on the lookout for fresh shows, though, because I find it's easier to introduce a cartoon in Spanish than to convince my kids to switch over from English on their favorites. Once they discover it's also available in English... game over.  

#5 - The Gruffalo

A reader recommended this short film and it's companion, The Gruffalo's Child. I'm always interested to hear about your bilingual finds, so feel free to share in the comments!

How to Watch Spanish Cartoons on Netflix

Switching your shows to Spanish is a different process depending on your device (Roku, FireStick, AppleTV, online, etc).

To get started, select the program you want to watch. To my knowledge (or at least on the devices I have), there is no way to switch the audio settings on your overall system. I tried that once, and it just changes the languages of the menu, profile, etc. It doesn't affect audio on the shows.

After you choose your movie or show, find the menu "Audio & Subtitles." On our Roku, it's listed in the menu once you select the show. Online, though, I have to actually start the program first and then select the speech bubble from the pop-up menu.

Once you find that menu, though, you're good to go. Just select your language and let the bilingual screen time begin!

How do you get your kids to watch bilingual cartoons? Other Netflix recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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