5 Gifts for Multicultural Kids

5 Gifts for Multicultural Kids || A Life with Subtitles

All the year, we are seeking ways to raise bilingual and multicultural kids. We bribe them to speak Spanish and we set them in front of Spanish-speaking cartoons. (I'm basically an A+ educator!)

So when we buy books and toys and gifts for our kids, we also hope to encourage their language and cultural fluency. To that end, here are 5 multicultural gifts for kids you may enjoy:

#1 - Ellie Elote

You can see our "I Love My Papi" shirt pictured above. I just love this one! It took us a while to settle on a name for dad, so it's sweet to see it represented in her closet. Also, I think this one is so clever!

#2 - Everybody Cooks Rice

Jody recommended this book to me, and I love the story idea! A young girl walking through her neighborhood at dinnertime is introduced to both the diversity of her neighborhood and the commonality of rice in all the cultures she encounters.

#3 - Our Generation Dolls

My own daughter has not yet graduated to these types of dolls, but I love the diverse look of Target's Our Generation Dolls. If you're searching for a unique gift for the doll-lover in your life, check them out here.

#4 - Guatemala ABC's

We have loved this book and the way it shares snippets of Guatemalan culture to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. This book is part of a series and you can find them for many other countries as well. Here's Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, and Canada, for example.

#5 - Where In the U.S. Is Carmen Sandiego?

Remember "Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?" Oh man. I loved that show. I may or may not have applied to be on it only to receive a generic postcard that read, "We're no longer filming this show. You are watching reruns." Boo. But I don't hold a grudge, and this game seems like a good time!

These are five multicultural gift ideas for kiddos. For more ideas (more than 95, in fact), download my Global Gift Guide for the holiday season. It's packed full of our favorites, as well as reader recommendations. From infants to adults, there's a little something for everyone! Download your free copy below.

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