[Free Download] The 2015 Global Gift Guide

Shopping during the holidays can be one of the most fun or frustrating experiences, depending on your preferences. Personally, I love to stay up late and participate in the Black Friday mayhem, but not really buy anything. I'm too indecisive for flash sales, but I love the hype!

The 2015 Global Gift Guide from A Life with Subtitles - 95+ multicultural gift ideas for kids, travelers, culture lovers, and more!

This year, with the help of readers and friends, I'm excited to share the 2015 Global Gift Guide with favorite multicultural products. Inside, you'll find more than 95 multicultural gift ideas. Here's a few examples:

     * Unique, bilingual clothing for kids
     * Experience-based gifts for culture lovers
     * Fun, Etsy prints for the home
     * Diverse books for young readers to adults
     * and more!

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