Why You Need Jane the Virgin In Your Life

I was pretty stoked about the return of Jane the Virgin to the CW last night. I mean, I even figured out how to turn my TV to watch something in real time! But can you blame me? We ended Season 1 with Jane's baby BEING KIDNAPPED from the hospital! Also, her son is named Mateo (swoon) and just the cutest baby you ever did see.

The first episode of Season 2 delivered in a way I didn't expect. For an outrageous show with villainous stepmothers (I'm looking at you, Rose!), accidental (and now not-so-accidental) artificial inseminations, and of course, chanting monks in the lawn (why not?), Jane the Virgin balances all the ridiculous with a down-to-earth, modern family.

In this episode, we watch as Jane discovers early motherhood: the constant crying, the real challenge that breast feeding can be, the worries of infant weight loss and kidnapping. (It's a balance, I'm telling you.) We see this intergenerational family of women come together to raise this new baby, each worrying about the other and supporting each other 100%.

I have always appreciated how Jane the Virgin depicts a modern, Latino family in the U.S. Their Spanglish household is just a fact of life as Abuela often speaks Spanish, though responses are in English. They have real worries about Abuela's immigration status, but it's not something they think about everyday. And we naturally see cultural nods, like telenovelas and Catholicism, woven throughout the episodes.

But last night, I was again reminded of the beauty of how much I can relate to these Latina characters. We are all mamas: Jane, Xo, Abuela, and me. I was literally crying as I watched Jane wobble out of bed to go find the kidnapper and get her baby back. Xo sat holding her phone with both hands and staring at it as she waited for the call that everything was ok. And Abuela was praying in Spanish. We mamas fight for our little ones!

In the same way that Jane the Virgin balances the outrageous with the day-to-day, I believe it paints a fuller picture of a family who decidedly Latino but also your everyfamily. Any of us can relate to the Villanuevas. In a media context where Latinas are so often hypersexualized or playing minor (often house keeping-related) roles, Jane the Virgin stands out offering a nuanced view of a modern family.

Season 2 is off to a great start. If you've never watched the show, Season 1 is now on Netflix for your binge-watching pleasure. And the narrator (yes, there's a narrator) does a pretty thorough recap before each episode, so jump on in!

Are you watching Jane the Virgin? What did you think of the premier?
P.S. For all my #TeamRafael besties, here's a fun Justin Baldoni fact: He recently became a daddy in real life! In fact, in the mommy circle last night, we saw his real-life wife and baby. Awwwwhhh

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