3 Spanish Worship Leaders To Check Out

Spanish worship leaders you gotta hear!

Whether you're looking for ways to include more Spanish in your life or you want to praise God en español, worship music is a great resource. Here's 3 Spanish worship leaders you may enjoy. Please include your favorites in the comments, too!

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Julio Melgar

Julio is one of my personal favorites. He recently released a new CD that I haven't heard yet, but here's one from his album Vuelve.

Hillsong United en Español

If you listen to Hillsong in English, you'll recognize many of these tunes. I love the song Oceans, and it's beautiful in Spanish.

Marco Barrientos

This recommendation is from Billy. (I promise it's not a hardcore worship band - is that a thing?) I also really enjoyed Marcela Gandara featured on this track.

I'm always looking for great suggestions, so I'd love for you to share your favorites in the comments!

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