Shout Out To All The Super Cool Multicultural Marriages!

Hooray for Multicultural Marriages!

I was hunkered down in a coffee shop, working on an upcoming presentation on multicultural marriages. It can be a tricky topic to research as I haven't found a ton of really useful material over the years.

Then I googled "talking about money in cross-cultural marriage." Here is what I got:

Let's see what stands out, shall we?

        * sobering advice
        * external stressors are magnified
        * disappointments when cultural assumptions are unmet
        * 4 good reasons not to rush into it
        * unusually challenging

While I don't think anyone should rush into marriage (says the girl who was married eight months after meeting her husband - ha!) and I will admit intercultural relationships have unique challenges, none of these results feel helpful.

In fact, I read the first article. It was basically basically telling me to run in the other direction.... fast. I even found myself thinking, "OHMYWORD, would Billy have married me if we'd met in Guatemala instead of here when he was lonely????"

Please note: I wasn't searching "Should I marry across cultures?" I was looking for practical advice on how to talk about money, and all the top results are just shouting DON'T DO IT!

This is my second time presenting this multicultural marriage workshop, and both times I have often thought, "What am I doing? Who on earth am I to talk about marriage? I'm not a counselor or a therapist or a pastor. I'm just a married person. And I really haven't even been married that long."

But I keep doing it because blogging has introduced me to so many beautiful, multicultural couples who are talking, praying, and laughing. We are committed to our partners and to our marriages. And we want to support each other. And we need support.

I have received great encouragement and laughter from real-life couples, but there rarely seems to be many solid resources available. (If you have some ideas, please feel free to share!)

At the end of the day, whether some stranger on the internet thinks we should have gotten married matters not. We are married. And we love strong.

So I guess I will be that stranger on the internet shouting something else: We can do this! We are living out God's beauty and reconciliation! Our children are the future of the church and the spirited, creative, multilingual bridge-builders revealing God in brand new ways.

Yes, we have our challenges. But we can celebrate our differences and nurture what makes us strong! And we will do it with our head's thrown back in laughter because it's simply the most fun way to enjoy the ride.

So I say, "Hip Hip Hooray!" for all the intercultural/interracial/cross-cultural/mixed/multicultural marriages. If you were near me, I'd give you a big hug or a high-five! Or if I was feeling really crazy, I'd kiss ya!

And thank you for being a part of the multicultural marriage cheering squad. You have encouraged my heart many times over. So let's all kick up our heels and eat cake. You are my super cool party people! And now, all the super cool party people bid you super cool adieu!

P.S. If you're coming to this year's CCDA Conference in Memphis, let's connect! I'm teaming up with David Park and the one-and-only Billy Quezada to talk about marriage. We're discussing communication, parenting, in-laws, money, and more. Also planning some videos for those of you who can't make it! More on that coming soon.

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