A Few of My Favorite Things {October 2015}

October is a divine month in Atlanta. So I decided to set aside the impending doom of winter and embrace fall this month. See, here are my kiddos next to pumpkins. We're totally fall.

So here's the skinny on October. 

Favorite Awkward Experience

The month kicked off with me and the hubs at a stand-up comedy show. Now, this is not our regular type of gig. Nothing makes me sweat more than sitting in the audience while someone holding a microphone tries to be funny.

I have always had a very strong empathetic heart, and stand-up comedy just crushes it. I want you to be funny. Maybe more than you want to be funny. Not so I can laugh, but so you don't embarrass yourself. It's very stressful for me to watch stand-up.

But one of Billy's friends was performing. (Oh my word. Someone we know? I'm never going to make it through this.) Then, to really top off the situation, I saw this:

Oh no. I don't think so, buddy.

But I must say, we had so much fun. People were actually funny. (And a few just rambled, but I made it.) And the environment just created laughter. Even if a joke was meh, how can you not laugh when someone's mom is cracking up hysterically in the audience? And only once did a guy ask, "Do we have any interracial couples in the audience tonight?" and we did not raise our hands. No, we did not.

If you want a little Netflix comedy, Anjelah Johnson has a third show out called "Not Fancy." I enjoy her in general, but I thought this show was one of her stronger ones. Happy chuckling!

Favorite Facebook Convo

Over on my Facebook page this month, we had a couple of fun conversations. My favorite discussion was this one where we shared expressions that don't really translate well into English.

One of my favorites added was "fregando la pita," which means "goofing off." Literal translation? Messing the string. If you want to like my page, click here. And I'd love for you to add your examples of expressions that just don't translate.

Favorite Instagram

We took our kids on their first camping trip this month. Well, we went "glamping" (glamour + camping). I gotta tell you... I'm never going back. We slept in a yurt, which is like a canvas cabin, that had bunk beds, a heater, and a back porch overlooking the lake. The kids had an absolute blast, and Ella was thrilled to sleep in her very own sleeping bag.

I'm including a second one because it's a tie this month. Our neighborhood got a brand, spankin' new library, and I fell in love.

Favorite App

I've used the YouVersion Bible App to, you know, read the Bible. But I recently discovered their Plans menu. They have topical devotional series, as well as Bible reading plans. Every day, it gives you some devotional content to read and accompanying Scriptures.

I thought I'd share because I've been using this app for so long without realizing that these plans existed. Even when I clicked over, I saw just a few featured and thought that was it. But there's a whole library of options. I'm currently reading through "STAY FIT: Strengthening Your Connection To Jesus," and it's had some terrific content.

Favorite Photo Shoot

October is Picture Day at my kids' preschool. Last year, I accidentally sent Isaac in his pajamas.

I feel like it's worth noting that this is the only day the boy has ever gone to school in his pajamas. And it happened to be Picture Day. Ah, well. It's one of my favorites!

But this year, I decided to go the more traditional route, and actually dress Isaac up for his photo. I gotta say, little boys wearing little man clothes are so adorable!

All the Links

Here's a few favorite links I shared this month:
(For all the links all the month, I'm on Twitter or Facebook.)

15 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Almost Too Real - If you're a parent, you'll relate to this funny comics. You'll laugh, and then you may cry just a little bit.

My Life in Japan: A Very Awkward Fireworks Festival - This hilarious story of intercultural dating and cross-cultural life was one of my favorites this month!

Gilmore Girls Limited-Series Revival Set at Netflix - This Is Not A Drill - Basically the best news I heard all month.

[VIDEO] Things Bilingual People Do - It's basically my life dream to be able to eavesdrop on people. **Must buy Rosetta Stone.**

Costume Ideas for the Church Halloween Festival - This one took me back to the days of balling up aluminum foil and paper clipping it to my ears. Queen Esther in the house, y'all!

How To Make Your Last Name Plural This Christmas Season - To apostrophe? Or not to aprostrophesize?

And here are some posts on A Life with Subtitles that readers enjoyed:

What NOT To Do: 3 Cautions for Monolingual Parents In Bilingual Families - I find hassling people is not as effective as I'd hoped!

Who Am I? The Ultimate White Girl Question - Language can be tricky, but I find there is value in both the individualization of identity and collective identity.

When Naming Your Child Is Your First Mistake - I was excited to write this guest post for Coffee + Crumbs about walking with our daughter as she develops her bicultural identity.

Shout out to Leigh Kramer for her hosting this link-up monthly. What did you love in October?

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