On Mother-In-Laws & Offensive Hand Gestures [VIDEO]

Hand gestures are kind of like the go-to for Intercultural Communication 101. Budding business tycoons are briefed on hand symbols that are offensive in other cultures to prevent international embarrassment.

This training is not, however, offered to mothers of cross-cultural couples. Which is how our situation came about.

I convinced Billy to make a video about this experience because hand gestures are hard to describe in writing. But he can hardly talk about it, more less demonstrate.

So I'm doing all the gesturing in this video, but I apologize in advance to my amigos chapines. I mean no offense.

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In case you're worried, I did get my mom's permission to make this video. No mother-in-laws were offended in the making of this recording.

Could this happen in your family? Has something similar ever happened? What would your mother-in-law say?  

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