5 Spanish Cartoons on Netflix

Promoting bilingualism in our home is a circular process. We are enthusiastic and incorporating Spanish for a while, then we slip back into English-only habits. Whoops!

But there are times when we see our kids showing more interest in their second language. Whether its an upcoming visit to see abuelos in Guatemala or an afternoon after Spanish-language church, we are excited to see them start to practice more.

And we want to encourage and expand these opportunities. Netflix is one of our easiest ways to increase their exposure to the minority language. But it's not super easy to find Spanish language cartoons on Netflix because you cannot search exclusively for Spanish cartoons.

You must choose the cartoon first and then switch the language settings. Periodically, I compile lists of shows that have Spanish audio available. More details on how to switch over are at the end of this post. Here are 5 Spanish cartoons you can watch on Netflix: 

#1 - Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales

We've watched this one a bunch. In fact, I don't think my kids know you can watch it in English, which is key. But these are fun short story vignettes with the characters from Cars.

#2 - Clifford the Big Red Dog

Set this classic cartoon to Spanish and enjoy! Related: It didn't take long for my daughter to figure out that the similar show "Clifford's Puppy Days" is not available in Spanish. I guess "I'll just have to watch in English" she announced with the disappointment of a child eating cotton candy.

#3 - VeggieTales In the House

The VeggieTales movies are not offered in Spanish on Netflix. However, there is one season of a Netflix original cartoon with all our favorite talking vegetables talking in Spanish.  

#4 - The Hive

It's a cartoon about bees and all their bee-life hijinx. This one is especially good for younger kids when you're looking for another option. 

#5 - Puffin Rock

Another Netflix original, Puffin Rock has been a favorite of my daughter recently. I just discovered it's available not only in Spanish, but French and German as well.

How to Watch Spanish Cartoons on Netflix

It's a bit tricky to switch your shows to Spanish if you've never done it before. One reason is that it's a different process on each device (Roku, FireStick, AppleTV, online, etc).

The key, however, is to first choose the cartoon or movie you want to watch. You cannot switch the audio settings on your device or personal profile (to my knowledge anyway). Instead, you select your program first.

Next, within each episode, find the menu "Audio & Subtitles." On our Roku, it's listed in the menu once you select the show. Online, though, I have to actually start the program first and then select the speech bubble that pops-up on the screen.

Once you find that audio selection menu, though, it's easy to change up your language. Happy bilingual TV watching!

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