A Few of My Favorite Things {August 2015}

As August says good-bye, I find myself holding on for dear life. Oh, how I love summer! And even though fall in Atlanta is glorious, it always feels so fast. And winter is simply not my jam.

So I want to white knuckle summer lest I find myself wearing a coat and gloves next week. (I'm not dramatic at all, by the way.)

But I also feel more sentimental than normal this year. We sent Gabriella off to Pre-K. (See obligatory 'first day of school' pic above), and I'm acutely aware that "kindergarten applications" start in January (Jesus, take the wheel!).

This time next year, we'll be all in till she's graduated high school. And I'm not ready. Which is fine because I've still got a year. But also weird because I was ready two years ago. Maybe I'm just perfectly content and by next fall we'll be sharpening pencils with glee.

But before summer goes, here are some of the favs from August!

Favorite Accomplishment

Gabriella learned to swim this summer! She is currently floatie-free and loves to tell anyone who will listen about her baller status.

Billy started working with her, taking her to the indoor pool in the evenings and letting her practice. She'll get no points for style, but she can jump in, bob up, and then doggie paddle her way to the edge. Just enough to prevent a repeat of last year's "Mom, I was dribbling down!!"

Her main thrill, though? She's now a strong enough swimmer to go down the big slide at the pool. It was only a couple of tries before she turned and said, "Mom, I don't want you to go with me this time." [tear] Then she came down backwards on her belly. So there you go.

Favorite TV

Well, this month has been all about that One Tree Hill. Thank you, Netflix, for letting me relive my high school days with these two, basketball-playing half-brothers.

It's a series full of love and heartbreak, frenemies, and psychos trapping you in a basement on prom night. I'm sure we can all relate!

Favorite Time Saver

Did you know you can buy stamps on Amazon? I'll never inconvenience a post office employee again! (Is that just me? It's like I'm always rudely cutting in on something else they were planning on doing.)

But seriously, I bought them via the USPS website before, but they charge you shipping. (Really? I mean, you're already coming to my house!) Also, I can never remember my "unique login." So there's that.

Favorite Instagram

I mean. I can't handle the cuteness.

Favorite Books

Got some goodies for you this month! I wrote in August about The Good Shufu and The Book of Unknown Americans. But I also read and enjoyed Everything I Never Told You.

The book is about a cross-cultural couple who loses a daughter to mysterious circumstances. The book is less "whodoneit" and more a nuanced portrait of a complicated family.

My girl crush Jen Hatmaker came out with her new book For the Love this month. I'm about halfway through and loving it fully. It includes gems like, "Sometimes you have to break out the running man when a Vanilla Ice song plays." So true.

All the Links

Here's a few favorite links I shared this month:
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Which Food Riley Hates Depends In 'Inside Out' Depends On Whether You Saw It In The U.S. Or Not - Some interesting changes movie makers create in films so they will be more relatable internationally.

The Way Couples Tell Their 'How We Met' Stories Speaks Volumes - I love a good "how we met" story, so I gobbled up this article.

Mindy Kaling's Guide to Killer Confidence - She's a hard worker Mindy. And I appreciate what she has to say about going for it. (I'm also excited about her new book!)

Trumped-Up Charges - This article is vital for congregations. It asks the question "Who's defining your church's reputation toward Immigrants?" and offers Biblical insight.

Taking My Parents to College - I loved this honest and endearing story from a first-gen college student.

And here are some posts on A Life with Subtitles that readers enjoyed:

The Best Multicultural Parenting Advice I Ever Received - These words from a multicultural kid grown up into a multicultural adult floored me, and I have played them back in my mind many times.

The Unexpected Benefit of a Kid Who's Not Bilingual Enough - I'd love to think that my kids are equally fluent in both languages, but that's simply not true. But maybe there's something to be learned there.

What's the Deal with Birthright Citizenship? [Interview] - Everybody's talking about it. Here's some history and insight with a Christian perspective to boot!

As always, gracias Leigh Kramer for hosting this link-up. What was your favorite part of August?

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