7 Things You May Not Know About A Life with Subtitles

It was in August about four years ago that I started writing regularly at A Life with Subtitles. Now, it's got over 400 posts, which is somewhat shocking to me. In a moment of sentimentality, I thought I'd share 7 things you may not know about this blog.

#1 - Choosing a blog name took me forever.

Like... forever. I think we've established I'm a terrible decision maker. But I am a superb list maker. And naming this blog involved pages upon pages of lists. I wrote words and phrases... a lot of them involving mangoes for some reason.

But nothing mango-related made the final cut. Eventually, I settled on Life with Subtitles. But that domain name was taken. Thus, the "A."

#2 - A lot of those first posts were written in a dark, silent room.

I started creating my blog on my maternity leave with Gabriella. We moved to Buenos Aires when she was 3 months old - into an efficiency apartment. Not a one bedroom, mind you. Just one room for the three of us.

And you know how much babies sleep. Well, theoretically. Gabriella was a terrible sleeper, so we couldn't risk waking her at all... while we lived in the same room.

So we sat in the dark after 7pm each night not talking at all. After it was confirmed she was asleep, I would occasionally watch TV two inches from the screen with the volume at four. But mostly, I sat in my loft bed and typed in the dark.

#3 - I never intended to write our love story.

One of the longest and most popular series on the site started on a whim. Many of my favorite blogs about multicultural family included a "How I Met My Husband" post.

I noticed how much I loved these stories and thought, "Oh, I should write ours, even though it's kinda boring." But then it kept getting longer and more complicated and including immigration, and it kinda evolved from there.

#4 - Each month I write a secret post.

For the longest time, subscribers to my email list received every post in their inbox. You can still do that, but I also wanted to do something that was less frequent for folks who want to stay in touch but don't want a couple emails from me a week.

So I created my email "newsletter," which is basically a special, highly classified, super secret blog post only for subscribers. Past emails have ranged in topic from hilarious bilingual encounters between my daughter and my suegra to updates on my book writing to how I avoid being murdered when my family is out of town. All things you want to know!

The August edition will go out later this week, and I'm writing up my most awkward good-bye kissing experience to date. (I'm sure I will outdo myself at some point.) But it was almost like I never even wrote "The Guide." I'm pretty sure it involves me screaming in public. So if you want to get in on that goodness, you can join my monthly "newsletter" list here.

#5 - Maybe American girls are weirdly smelly.

For the longest time, Why Are American Girls So Smelly? was one of my most read posts. Apparently, it really resonated with people. It also got a surprising amount of Google search traffic. I guess this is a question that many people Google.

#6 - People on the internet call me names.

I should have known that writing about immigration would bring some *big feelings* my way. But I still don't like it.

The first time someone was mean to me on the Internet, I believe, was a stranger on my Facebook profile calling me a "bleeding heart low life." Amusingly, he made some comment about maybe if I had to have an illegal immigrant living in my house and eating my food, I'd feel differently. And I thought, "Clearly, you haven't read much of my blog."

#7 - I have started dabbling in a little partnering.

Billy recently mocked the eight empty cans of sparkling water on my nightstand. Everyone knows about my sparkling water obsession because when I get into something, I like to talk about it. I have people texting me photos and tagging me on Instagram when drinking it. Seriously, I should get a kick back from the sparkling water people.

I recently connected with a retailer online, and I was so excited I emailed her and was all "I think my blog readers would love this! We should partner!" I have been tip toeing into the world of blog advertising, but wanting to do it very carefully. I don't want clutter on the site, and I really only want to highlight products and organizations that our little band of multicultural family people would genuinely like.

But after I emailed with this shop, I discovered she also reads my blog. And I wondered, "Who else out there has something really awesome that I should be sharing?" And so, if you didn't know, there are details for advertising with A Life with Subtitles. I think it could be fun!

I don't write about blogging itself all that often, but I thought I'd stray from the norm today and give a little behind-the-scenes look. This blog is so fun for me, and I love the people I meet and the stories I've heard because of it. Thanks for reading!

Got any blog-related questions? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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