5 Lessons I've Learned Trying To Be A Good Guatemalan Wife

One of my favorite blogs is Texan in Tokyo by Grace. She shares comics, videos, and blog posts about her life in Japan. She is from Texas, and her hubby is Japanese.

We may be in a culturally different marriage, but I'm amazed by all the ways I can relate to her experiences. There's something about living and marrying across cultures that is a shared experience, regardless of specific country.

I'm am over the moon to write for Grace today about 5 Lessons I've Learned Trying To Be A Good Guatemalan Wife. Here's a sneak peak:

When I was dating my Guatemalan now-husband Billy, our cultural differences seemed relegated to mixed up idioms and mismatched passports. I would read to him over the phone in my terrible Spanish, while he told me how beautifully I spoke and how adorable I was. And he would do things like show me how to drink Coke out of a plastic bag like they do in some Guatemalan tiendas (convenient stores).

We got married and shared our life together in the States. Then it wasn’t long before I was trying to convince Billy to go pick apples in the fall and he was like, “What is happening right now? Why would we go pay to do manual labor for fun?”

We’ve continued to discover all the funny and interesting ways our cultural differences influence our life, our marriage, and our parenting. Here are a few of my favorite lessons I’ve learned trying to be a good Guatemalan wife!

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