14 GIFs Only Parents Flying with Young Children Will Understand

Before my daughter was one year old, she's seen an airplane seat belt demonstration 11 times. She was very accustomed to boarding and deplaning. For us, we may have been well-practiced, but that didn't mean our escapades were stress-free.

Here's a few emotions we experienced. Maybe you can relate?

#1. When you need your toddler to relinquish liquids before security.

#2. When TSA tells you to "hurry it up" while you're herding your little cats through the line.

#3. Or when they need to pat down your baby.

#4. When you're trying to collapse a stroller (while holding your baby) to go through the x-ray machine.

#5. When your flight gets delayed.

#6. Let's not even talk about a plane delayed on the tarmac.

#7. When you realize a stranger will be sharing the row with your family.

#8. When someone slams the overhead compartment above a sleeping baby.

#9. When your kids kick the seat or play with the hair of the person in front of you.

#10. When your kids actually play with the creative/quiet/educational activities you packed.

#11. When people give you dirty looks because your baby is crying.

#12. And you realize you've got a "Code Brown."

#13. And those airplane bathrooms are no joke.

#14. When you walk out of that little tunnel into the terminal.

High fives to all the parents traveling with kiddos. You are rockstars!

Thanks to Giphy for making all my gif dreams come true!

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