Happy 4th from the World Cup Wives!

I agreed to soccer once every four years. But truth be told, I started missing the festivities late this spring. Never fear... the Women's World Cup and Copa America were here!

Futbol has been around this summer, and this weekend may be all about America's birthday. As it turns out, America loves soccer.

We're celebrating the Women's World Cup final: USA vs Japan. And the Copa America final: Argentina vs Chile.

But yesterday, Guatemala played the USA Men's Team in a friendly match in Nashville. We were there. And it was awesome. We saw soccer fans even on the drive from Atlanta to Nashville, and my new BFF, the cashier at the rest stop, told me folks had been coming through headed to the game all day.

We met Katie, my World Cup Wives comrade, at the game. And we decided to film a little video for ya! It ended up shorter because... soccer.

(If you're reading this via email or RSS, you may need to click here to see the video.)

Of course, my love of multicultural identity made this match even better. It was awesome to see families in Guatemalan jerseys waving US flags. We saw young men wearing Guatemalan jerseys with USA bananas tied around their heads.

My favorite was a family wearing matching t-shirts of a half US - half Guatemalan flag that said "We're 50-50!" I totally accosted them and asked where they got the shirts, only to be told the Guatemalan mother-in-law had custom made them for the whole family. Fabulous!

Billy, too, felt a tie to both teams, cheering for his Guatemalatecos while also feeling pride in the US team. He made me cover my heart for both national anthems. We, too, are 50-50.

What games are you watching this weekend? And who are you cheering for?

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