It's Our Two Year Citizen-aversay!

It was two years ago that I sat in a meeting room of a government building and bawled my eyes out while clinging to my newborn baby. On that day, in that room, my husband became a US citizen. It was a joyful celebration at the end of what felt like a never-ending tunnel.

In today's video, I follow up with him on the experience and all the things he can (and still cannot) do as a naturalized citizen. And, of course, as in all our videos, there's a little bit of foolishness.

And I apologize in advance for the video quality. It was not as dark as the video suggests. And apparently we've lived in Georgia for too long because we did not notice how loud the bugs were until we watched it later. And lastly, yes, we are sitting on a couch on our porch. Because... Georgia.

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Thank you so much to all of you who've read our immigration story and supported us along the way. We're grateful to celebrate this citizen-aversary with you!


  1. ekstein119:59 AM

    Does Billy have dual citizenship, or did he have to give up his Guatemalan citizenship when he back an USA citizen?

  2. Guatemala allows dual citizenship, so he did not have to surrender his citizenship there. If I were to apply for Guatemalan citizenship, however, the US would require me to surrender my citizenship here.

  3. ekstein119:57 PM

    Okay, yeah, I knew the US was far more stingy with its residency. I'm glad he's still able to keep his Guatemalan citizenship!


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