For When You Forget Why You're Raising Bilingual Kids

Raising bilingual kids has turned out to be more challenging than I expected. It's not like I thought it would "just happen" - okay, maybe I did.

But I've been a bit surprised at how much thought and experimentation we've put into it. We've pushed, we've bribed, and sometimes it works (and sometimes it doesn't).

Lately, I've been encouraged by Gabriella's attempts to speak Spanish at home - even when the hubs is not around. She asks me to translate words and bosses her brother around in both languages just to see which one sticks!

Raising bilingual kids is an ebb and flow of up and down. Rights now we're in a great flow, but even with only four years of experience, I know that I'll be back to lamenting before too long. And then celebrating again!

But for those moments when it's hard. When you're arguing with a toddler about which language to watch Mickey Mouse in, you might appreciate this little slideshow. Just a quick reminder about all the benefits that we're hoping to offer our kids as we seek to hone their first and second (and third!) language skills. Check out these 20+ reasons below!

Connection to family and heritage is probably my biggest motivator when bilingualism feels like more trouble than it's worth. But I also love numbers 5, 7, and 17. And, of course, #12 is pretty amazing boost as well!

What motivates you when bilingualism feels like too much?

Note: Thanks to TakeLessons.com for sharing this slideshow. You can read more about each benefit in the original article.  

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