A Few of My Favorite Things {July 2015}

Hooray for July! The month started with a literal bang as we took Gabriella to her first fireworks show. We sat in a field as brilliant colors lit the sky. She had so much fun it was ridiculous.

I taught her how to "ooooh" and "ahhhh" in all the right places. Then, as nearby kids hollered, I joked to Billy, "or we scream bloody murder." This statement led Gabriella to respond to the fireworks by shouting, "ooooh, ahhhh, BLOODY MURDER!" Classic.

Here are some more of our favorites from July.

Soccer for the win!

Guatemala came to Nashville to play the US Men's Team. That's only about 3.5 hours from us, so we were totally in! And I gotta say: so. much. fun. From the costumes to the boisterous group singing, the only thing missing was spontaneous choreographed dancing. Basically, I'm saying attending a soccer game was akin to living inside a real-life musical.

We dressed in a hybrid of patriotic apparel, feeling loyalty to both countries. And we weren't the only ones! So many Guatemalans wearing blue and white jerseys and waving American flags. We had such a great time, and it was a real treat to be able to see it live (and film a 2015 World Cup Wives video).

Then, we were on to the Women's World Cup Finals. This time on TV, but still. The US Ladies rocked it! July was a good soccer month.

Birthday Boy

Isaac turned two this July. Two! It's shocking in both its "you were just born" and its "you've been here all along, how are you only two?" We celebrated with pizza and cake.

And he got his very first bike, on which he's been slowly gaining confidence. Now, it lives in the living room, and he jumps on first thing in the morning to scoot around in circles.

Books and Tears

This month I started reading chapter books to Gabriella. It's like a life dream come true for me. I couldn't read Llama Llama even one more time. (Oh wait... I have a second kid. Ok.)

But I decided to experiment with Sarah, Plain and Tall. She totally got the concept of the story being continued across several days. And then she said to me, "Mom, this book has no pictures, but I see it in my mind." I nearly cried as we discussed imagination.

As always, I felt a little nervous that her English literacy is outpacing her Spanish. So Billy instructed me to order this book. It arrived this week, and now she has started listening to a chapter book in Spanish, too. She needs a little translation help, but that's ok. We'll take it!

Beach Babies

Last year, we had a crawler and decided not to go to the beach where he would burn his knees and eat more sand than a human really should. So it was fun to go this year and swim, build sandcastles, and eat our weight in snacks.

Gabriella learned to ride waves, and Isaac chased birds along the surf with his truck. I got to read The Book of Unknown Americans. So it's safe to say fun was had by all.

My Favorite Purchase

After years of searching, someone recommended to me a water bottle for kids that doesn't leak. I'm in love. Now, if we can just not lose them...

And I'll throw in a bonus purchase favorite that's not so "mommy." They stopped carrying my go-to eyeliner at the store, so I found it on Amazon.

All the Links

Here's a few favorite links I shared this month:

Last Comic Standing - Ryan Conner - I've watched this more than once, and I'm still laughing. This fella's experiences in a large, multiracial family are relatable and hilarious.

Historian Says Don't 'Sanitize' How Our Government Created Ghettos - Helpful, historical perspective on how neighborhoods in the States were created.

What's the Difference Between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish? - There's not really a clear cut answer to this question. But I hear it asked a lot, and this video sheds some light.

Could You And Your Partner Pass A U.S. Immigration Marriage Interview? - I remember studying many of these questions before we appeared for our interview.

And here are some posts on A Life with Subtitles that readers enjoyed:

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Thanks to Leigh Kramer for hosting this link-up. What are you into?


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