13 Culture Blogs You Gotta Check Out {Round-Up}

It's Friday Follow on Twitter, and I thought I extend the tradition to my blog to introduce you to a few of my favorite sites around the interwebs. This is a mix of news-y sites (not like "The Newsies," though wouldn't that be great?) and personal blogs. But I hope you find a few to add to your reading repertoire!

1. NPR's Code Switch - This blog from NPR is hands-down one of my favorites. From pop culture to history to sports to gender, Code Switch explores all the ways that race, ethnicity, and culture intersect with our lives.

2. The Mashup Americans - My most recent guilty pleasure! Mashup focuses on multicultural people, families, and expressions in culture. Lots of yummy fusion food and family stories. I specifically recommend their weekly newsletter, where they share all kinds of good mashup articles.

3. Huffington Post Latino Voices - It's likely you're familiar with HuffPo already, but this is the subsite that focuses on news, entertainment, style, and culture aimed at a Latino audience. I also enjoy Black Voices for similar content with a black context.

4. G92 - This blog unpacks a Biblical, compassionate approach to immigration. The site is specially written towards an Evangelical audience. I've enjoyed writing there a few times - most recently on the globally important topic Jane the Virgin.

5. NPR's Goats and Soda - Another NPR blog, but this one focuses on global development. Stories on wealth distribution, health, and other topics affecting the world at large. And what a great name, right? You can learn about that here.

6. NewsTaco - If you're curious what shenanigans Donald Trump is up to this week, NewsTaco may be for you! I follow them on Facebook and am often interested in the topics their articles address. Of course, every time I see the name, I get hungry...

7. Austin Channing Brown - Austin is a racial justice and reconciliation shero. Her writing and insights are powerful and woven with a deep and hopeful perspective for Christians seeking a more united church and a better world.

8. Eugene Cho - Eugene is a Seattle pastor for whom I hold mad respect. He leads a multicultural church, and provides a pastoral voice in a world full of angry Facebook posts. I appreciate his calls to prayer for justice and peace. And his book Overrated is another gem you should check out!

9. Tim Hoiland - Tim grew up as an American in Guatemala City, and he is familiar with the tug of multiple cultures. He's a voracious reader, and often shares book reviews on his blog, focusing on community development, Latin America, and theology.

10. Simply Complicated - Michelle is a California girl married to a Guatemalan, and they live and work in community development in Guatemala. If you really want to read her beautiful insights on mothering, life abroad, and more, I suggest following her on Instagram.

11. Christena Cleveland - Christena is a social psychologist and provides sharp insights on racial reconciliation and the church. She has taught me a great deal, and I appreciate the way she weaves academic perspectives throughout her writing and teaching as well.

12. Between Worlds - Jody is a white blogger who has written extensively on race and privilege. She offers encouragement and guidance for entering conversations on race topics and breaks down white privilege to help folks who want to understand and move towards a deeper understanding of race and power.

13. Latinaish - Tracy's husband immigrated from El Salvador, and she shares recipes, music, and funny cultural observations from their bicultural life and family. My favorite are her posts on household Spanglish mix-ups, and she recently hosted mine as well.

These are 13 favorites that I hope you'll enjoy. I am always expanding my culture blog reading list, though. Who do you recommend I add?

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