The Women's World Cup Round-Up {#WorldCupWives}

I'm excited to dust off the #WorldCupWives hashtag this summer to give a shout out to the Women's World Cup. A couple months ago, Jeff and Billy (Katie's and my husbands) announced they would be launching #WorldCupHusbands to follow along the tournament while commenting on how cute the players are.

Obviously, I would have loved to see this happen. However, I do think they may not exactly remember our content from last summer. I have no memory of cuteness commentary. Although, I did take this photo - precious!

But similar to the men's tournament last year, I am significantly less interested in the soccer part of the World Cup as I am all the hype surrounding the players and the teams.

I must admit, though, that it's been harder to find the online hype this go-round. And while less foolishness online may be nice for players, I hope one day we can achieve "hype equality" - with dance-offs, professional biters, and memes heard 'round the world.

But here are 5 of my favorite articles online to help you learn more about the Women's World Cup regarding all the things except soccer.

Women's World Cup Uniforms Inspired by Disney

If you don't like the USWNT's jerseys pictured above, you are not alone. If you'd like to see jerseys inspired by Disney princesses, you are apparently not alone either.

Meet the HABS (and WAGS)! The husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends cheering on the stars of the 2015 Women's World Cup

Obviously the first article I read about the Women's World Cup was about their families. I'm just interested.

FIFA Women's World Cup: Workout Hair Goals

Elle is here to help you diversify your "workout hair" with inspiration from the World Cup athletes. While I don't think I "workout" enough to warrant a pink mohawk, I haven't totally ruled it out yet.

Bless you, Panini, but you really screwed up some of these Women's World Cup stickers

I am on a sticker hiatus. Billy mentioned Panini stickers for the Copa America and the Women's World Cup. But no. I need four years to recover from last year. But if you are wielding sticker prowess this summer, you may enjoy this article on some of the sticker faux pas.

Nike unveils amazing 'American Woman' commercial for the Women's World Cup

The commercials are some of the best parts of sports. Check out Nike's ad for the Women's World Cup. I got a couple goose bumps! Wahoo for American women!
I hope you're watching and enjoying the Women's World Cup. Let me know in the comments who you're routing for! And, as always, feel free to share with me any hype that comes your way!

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