In Case You Need to Beat Elsa with a Stick

We had a piñata at Gabriella's first birthday. It was one of the brightly colored ponies you can buy at Party City. With enthusiastic delight, Billy strung it up between two trees. 

He then introduced me to (what appeared to me as) a complex rope and pulley system, which allows party hosts to actually slide the piñata back and forth between the two trees. It really revolutionized my perception of piñatas since this setup makes it much harder for kids (or adults) to actually connect with their paper mache nemesis. It can be quite amusing to watch.

A young kid vested Billy at Gabriella's party, however, and broke it on the first try. This led Billy to blame poor, American piñata construction, which I found hilarious.

Also, in comparison to my daughter's recent Guatemalan piñata, that pony was also minuscule. Look at this bad boy Elsa! 

I love how Gabriella's holding her hand. Best friends forever! (Just sleep with one eye open, girlie, because if the occasion calls for it, I will whack you with a stick...)

We held off on Frozen for forever, but a couple months ago, Gabriella watched it for the first time. She was hooked. Now we've watched it probably more than anything else, including Daniel Tiger getting mad. Even Isaac is smitten as he points at the TV throughout the day, asking, "Ana?"

So Ella's love of Frozen translated into a giant, bigger-than-her piñata of Elsa. The fact that this Frozen princess was filled with candy just endeared her to Gabriella even more.

Billy sent me this picture with the simple caption: "Chocolate or poop?" (We love Baby Mama, by the way, if you get that reference.)

So we love a good piñata, and the kids have an absolute ball. So I'm left with just one question. Am I the only one who finds it the least bit strange that we string up and whack our kids' favorite characters to death?


  1. Rachel10:22 AM

    I love Piñatas! I always wanted one for my birthday. My dad brought me one from Mexico when I was 7 (a giant, bigger than me, bunny). I refused to let anyone touch it until my mom filled it with candy and made everyone who came to my high school graduation party take a swing. 11 years with that bunny and I was so sad when it finally broke! Haha

  2. LOL! Probably more appropriate that at a recent birthday party we went to all the kids came dressed as princesses and super heros and the pinata was a dragon, which my son (being the oldest and biggest kid there) was the one to finally whack it's head off. ;)

  3. YES! That makes a lot of sense to me. :)

  4. What a very real and candy-filled marker of your transition into adulthood! I can't believe you held on to (and didn't damage) a pinata for eleven years! I would trust you to babysit for real. :)


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