Conversations at Casa Quezada

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across the blog Latinaish, and it quickly became one of my favorites. I got a big kick out of their love story and laughed along with Tracy's humorous insights into bicultural, Spanglish life.

She has a series on her blog, where she highlights the funny conversations that take place in her bilingual house. You can check out some of those here and here.

Today, she's let me join in the fun on Latinaish with Conversations at Casa Quezada. I'm sharing some of our favorite Spanglish-y moments with gems like:

Billy: (hanging pictures) Does it look straight?

Me: Hmm... I'm not sure. Are we sure we want them there? Maybe a little higher?

Billy: (handing me a hammer and some nails) Go kill yourself?

Me: Um... What?

Billy: It's an expression. You know...

[long pause]

Me: Oooh, knock yourself out!

To read the rest of our ridiculous, bicultural conversations (including some classic lines from Gabriella), click on over to Latinaish!


  1. Maria3:48 PM

    Hi Sarah I found your blog via Latinaish and am now a new subscriber!

    I'm Guatemalan and my husband is white and we live in a suburb of Atlanta so it's awesome to read about your experiences as I feel like I can relate!

  2. Welcome, Maria! I'm so glad to meet you! And my goodness, you're close. We are basically living the same life! haha!


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