Tell Your Story for Loving Day!

In 1958, Richard and Mildred Loving got married. They were arrested a few weeks later in Richmond, Virginia because she was black and he was white. And interracial marriage was illegal.

They pleaded guilty to the charge and skipped out on jail by agreeing to leave the state. But their work was not done.

The Lovings began to fight their case. And in 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Loving v Virginia, decided in favor of interracial couples. In fact, the ruling struck down all remaining anti-miscegenation laws (laws forbidding intimate relationships across race) in sixteen U.S. states.

Sometimes I reflect on this history, recognizing that forty years later, in 2007, I would marry my love. It's hard to believe our relationship would have ever been illegal based on our race and ethnicity.

Loving Day celebrates this victory in the Supreme Court on June 12, the anniversary of the verdict. I thought it'd be fun to remember the day on the blog by creating a post highlighting beautiful cross-cultural relationships.

Will you share your photo and a brief introduction?   

You can fill out the form below. There's a spot to attach a photo. And if you'd like to include additional responses, I always have more questions. Feel free to share a little about your interracial-cross-cultural marriage life.

I'll put together the responses and together we will toast the Lovings on June 12!

UPDATE: The form has been closed. You can read the collected stories here.

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