Give Me Chickens Or Give Me Death

I knew having my mother-in-law visit was going to offer some fantastic blogging material. My first clue? This text from my sister:

She has never met my mother-in-law before, and she wanted to let me know she was brushing up on her Spanish. Because apparently we will be talking about chickens. I'm still unsure if they'll be dead or alive.

However, I mentioned this conversation to a friend, and she told me she learned this vocabulary the hard way on her Spanish husband's uncle's farm. Everyone burst into laughter when she referred to the (live) chickens as "pollo."

This was my response:

So then I was talking to Billy about my Spanglish mix-up. (Are you keeping track? This is now my third conversation about how to discuss deceased farm animals with my mother-in-law! What on earth?!)

He assured me that in Spanish Spanish (you know... from Spain) is different than Guatemalan Spanish, where pollo is used for both. Whew! We can all rest assured that however we want to talk about chickens during this visit, we are good to go!
Alright. Feel free to weigh in: How did you learn to say "chicken" in Spanish? Do you have other words that are tricky like this?


  1. ekstein1110:07 AM

    I can't stop laughing!

  2. Bahahaha! I learned pollo too although I think if I heard gallina I would know what it meant. Pez and pescado are the same way!

  3. I know. Basically every time I hear/see the word "chicken" now, I crack up a little.


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